Tenugui Fujiya
Three generations
in Asakusa

Each one is an original design


The designs of our Tenugui were originally created by Fujiya’s owners.

Fujiya’s Tenugui not only carry out the traditions from the first generation but also continue to innovate with unique designs to reflect the needs of the second and the third generations.

We sell our original exclusive Tenugui designs from three generations of owners in Asakusa. We also have zodiac, Japanese almanac, and Edo Komon designs, as well as masterpieces from Tenugui Awase, a Tenmei Collection of Tenugui (year 1784).

Did you know that originally, Tenugui was used for more purposes?

TENUGUIWhat is Tenugui?

You probably think of Tenugui as a dyed textile made of cotton, which is used for simply drying your face and hands of sweat while taking a bath.

Honest work just like Tenugui, no back or front, just straight work.

EXPERTISEOur Tradition

All Fujiya Tenugui are created and dyed with the method called “Chusen Zome”

Dyed cotton doesn’t have a front or back. It looks significantly different from the printed Tenugui.

Hand dye
All originals

Tenugui is an essential daily tool

STYLEHow to use Tenugui

The beauty of Tenugui is there are many ways to use them. Enjoy the freedom of unlimited ways to use the simple cotton cloth.

We hope you will find your own way to enjoy the Tenugui.

Sunshade Noren ARAI BUNSEN-DO
Thank you gift for special occasions

ORDERCustom Orders

Personalized Name,
Original Tenugui,
and Noren

Our shop has been designingTenugui patterns for three generations. From the day we were established, we have not charged any design fees when creating custom Tenugui.

This is because, as Tenugui artisans, we believe that our work is to listen to the preferences of our customers and bring them to life through our designs. We take pride in creating memorable items for celebrations and as expressions of gratitude. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us for any inquiries or consultations.

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All Tenugui are our original designs.
Hope you will enjoy our seasonal designs and more.

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