Illustration of what “Iki” (stylish Edo way) and
“Wabi and Sabi” (beauty of simplicity) within the roots of Japanese

What is Tenugui

Decorate, use, wrap, collect, and enjoy the seasons with…
The beauty of Tenugui is there are so many ways to enjoy them and it’s up to each person.

Dyed narrow cloth, size is one shaku x three shaku.

That’s the TRADITIONS definition of Tenugui size.

Our store’s Tenugui is 35 cm (width) and 90-110 cm (length)

You probably think of Tenugui as a dyed textile made of cotton, which is used for simply drying your face and hands. Originally, Tenugui has been used for multiple ways. Did you know that?

Tenugui Hakama

For example, we have a Tenugui design that looks like Hakama (kimono pants).
Fold this way to turn it into an apron.

High absorption and easy to dry. Harder for germs to grow compared to regular cloth.

The more you use it, the better the Tenugui fabric will feel.
How the dye gets lighter, how the fabric gets softer even how the edge gets looser, it is the beauty of how the Tenugui changes after using it for a while.

If you trim the loose edge cleanly, Tenugui becomes something new again